Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #77

Day 77

This is not the best representation of this top, but…here’s the stats of today’s outfit:

Sweater – Marshall’s? (ridonculously old)

Shirt – Kohl’s – Vera Wang (just recently got this for around $10 on clearance – it looks super hot with this short black skirt I have, I’ll have to post when I go on a date night sometime soon)

Jeans – Levi' – Ross

Shoes - Mudd

Wearing my clothes – Day #76

Day 76

Seriously? (I know I overuse this word by the way..because my son says it. Doh!) I love my husband. He snapped this picture of me before running out the door for book club. It was raining out and I said, “If we don’t take a picture now, I’m gonna end up having to take one looking like a drowned rat” (it’s raining out).

I was rushing him and he said, “But, we’ve got to get a good one, it’s a cute outfit.” What?! That’s an amazing husband for you right there! Nonetheless, we snapped two and here’s a good one. =)

Shirt – Old Navy (recently scored for about $9 – and already got a few compliments after one wearing, SCORE!)

Pants – Macy’s – Guess

Shoes – Marshall’s

Earrings – Premier Jewelry

Wallet – Kohl’s

Had a blast at book club, the book wasn’t fabulous, but made you think. We read “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. IF you read it, know ahead that the first 1/2 to 2/3 of the book is difficult to get into and quite dull. The last third of the book is awesome! It’s essentially about the life of an African American girl named Janie and the road to her living out her life, the men she meets along the way, and how those around her view her decisions. I’m not SUPER consistent about book club, but always love that adult intelligent time when I do follow through with reading. I’ll let you know what our next book is soon. =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #75

Day 75

I’m trying to get creative in taking pictures, but…a fashion blogger I am not. ;)

Shirt – Old Navy (I scored this recently for $6! Woot!)

Pants – Marshall’s

Shoes – Rocket Dog – Ross

Sunglasses – Target

Ring – Hubby’s =) He took it off lifting weights this morning and forgot to put it on before work. He said he can’t stand not having it, so I’m wearing it until he gets home. *cue “Ahhh”s* =)

Super comfy and lovin’ it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #74

Day 74

I realize the shadows aren’t the best in this picture, but I liked it and thought it’d be fun to show the difference of how this looks outside vs. inside….see?Day 74 - insideAnyway…

Shirt – Rock & Republic – Kohl’s (found here)

Necklace – Premiere Jewelry – Manhattan

Jeans – Guess – Macy’s

Shoes – DSW

One last look, a different angle of the sweater. Comfy and lovin’ it!Day 74 - quote

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #73 (the skinny on the skinnies)

Day 73

Shirt – Apt. 9 – Kohl’s (found here)

Pants – Rock and Republic – Kohl’s (found here)

Bracelet – Mudd – Kohl’s (found here)

Shoes – Famous Footwear

Earrings – gift from mother-in-law in Hawaii

Okay, so I’ve pretty much worn everything in my closet at this point. Just about. I have a few shirts and a few dresses left, but they’re special occasion and I only get around to wearing them every now and again. So, I gave myself permission to pick up some pieces to create ideas of outfits I’d pinned on pinterest. Like I’ve said, this process really helped me visualize my wardrobe and round it out.

Bright colored skinny jeans are IN right now, right? Well…yes, but everywhere I try them on, they’re either over $100, or they’re in the juniors section. And let’s just face it ladies, I ain’t no junior body. It’s just not appropriate to be traipsing around the park with pants tight enough that it’d be scandalous to put a quarter in them. I liked Old Navy’s pants, and tried on a pair in the store, but apparently they were a returned pair and they’re only available online. And get this! The pair I tried on was 2 sizes larger than I normally wear, and I still would’ve gone for a size larger!! What’s with that?! I mean, I’m not all about the size…but that’s a lot to be off, ya know?

Anywho, I found these at Kohl’s and loved the color, and thought the fit was appropriate. Here’s my problem with ankle length jeans…I’ve learned during this process that I have a long torso, and short legs. So put a crop on me and they look even shorter, and a bit stumpy, which they’re NOT! So, I did hesitate with these. But, the hubs liked ‘em and I found quite a few shirts I love to go with ‘em. So, the tags were removed. =) I LOVE this shirt, didn’t think I would, but really like it. You’ll be seeing these pants again in the near future paired with other cute tops!

What are your thoughts on skinny jeans? Do you have short legs? How do you wear them?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #72

Day 72

Other than my workout clothes/shoes that I wore walking to Starbuck’s this morning with the family, this is what I wore and I literally did not put shoes on during the day. Glorious, glorious Saturday!

Shirt – Billabong – Ross

This is a bum around type shirt. I bought it as my very first pregnancy shirt with my first. It’s not a maternity shirt, but worked up until the end. Just the style.

Shorts – Ross

***************************************************Day 72 - EveningGotta love work perks! My husband’s company took he, his colleagues and spouses out to dinner tonight. We had an amazing time and this is post-dinner. Giving my hubby silly looks here.

Dress – Anthropologie

Shoes – Guess – Ross

Necklace – Kohl’s

Fun story with the necklace. It actually originally came with turquoise beads attached. My good friend took it to Michael’s for me, removed the turquoise beads and added a clasp to them so they’re now removable. So now I can wear them as silver chains, or add the turquoise beads, brilliant! Two necklaces in one. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #71 (and a new trick re: patent leather shoe marks)

Day 71It is GORGEOUS where I live today! I couldn’t help but bust out these pants. They sort of go against normal fashion rules in the sense that they’re 2 sizes too big for me. But, my husband loves them on me, and they’re just so darn comfortable! So, they hang out in my closet. They’re great beach wear. The bottoms fold up and snap to become shorter pants, too.
Shirt – Anthropologie (funny side note – what color do you think this shirt is? ‘Cuz the tag said “Red”…Hmm…)
Pants – Old Navy
Shoes – Famous Footwear
Earrings – Premier Jewelry
**See the lovely black scuff on the side of my shoe pictured above? No? Here’s a closer look…see there on the left of the picture?Day 71 I’ve been meaning to look up an easy way to remove these FOREVER. And after looking at that smudge in the picture, I finally did. 

Trick of the Trade #22: Remove scuffs with nail polish remover
I found the suggestion to use nail polish remover. I thought, “Either walk around with nasty smudges all over my shoes, or attempt to clean them, potentially fail and have an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.” ;)
It definitely worked! Don’t use too much. On one part, it began to take off the white patent a bit. But they look MUCH better. Other suggestions I read about were the Magic Eraser (which I’d tried before), rubbing alcohol and Windex. Didn’t try the last two, but nail polish remover worked! Yay for non-smudgy shoes!

Proof that I ate salmon!


You may or may not know this about me, but I’m not a big fan of seafood. Unfortunately for my hubs, he is. I rarely cook it, but we recently embarked on a nutrition plan that calls for fish at least 3x a week. Eek! So this past month, I’ve eaten (and cooked much of) the following:





*Seared Ahi Tuna

I have to admit, I’ve come to love seared ahi, and the salmon above was delicious! I’m working on expanding my horizons and try shrimp every year or so because EVERYONE responds with, “How could you NOT like shrimp?” But alas, I simply do not. Let me share the yummy salmon sauce used above.

Lemon-Dill Sauce

1/2 cup shallots, chopped

2 cups white wine (I use sauvignon blanc)

2 cups fat-free chicken broth, low sodium

6 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon lemongrass (I used the little tubes from the store)

1 tablespoon fresh dill, chopped

Directions: Coat a large pan with cooking spray and saute shallots until soft, moistening with wine if necessary.

Add remaining wine to shallots and reduce by half. Add chicken broth and reduce by half again.

Transer mixture to a food processor or blender and puree until smooth.

Return the sauce to pan, add lemon juice and lemongrass and simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes, until thick. Stir in dill and serve!

**SIDE NOTE: I added our 6 oz. salmon steaks (one for myself and one for the hubs) when it was ready to simmer. If it seems like it’s taking too long to cook, throw a pot lid over to help it cook faster.

I hope this helps YOU broaden your cooking horizons. If I can cook fish, TRUST ME!! You can too! How do you like to cook fish?

Oh…and because I wanted to start being more myself around you, I thought I’d share this other pic my husband snapped that reminded me that my hard work at working out IS in fact paying off, I’m just a “too hard on myself girl” and/or it’s just a darn good angle! heheIMG_2859

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #69

Day 69

Ahhh….got my hair done today! Yay!

I took this literally walking into my bedroom at the end of the day to get ready for bed. So, I may look a teensy tired.

Shorts – Ross

Shirt – Anthropologie! I do believe this was my first purchase from this store…and I’m sold!

Shoes – good ‘ol Old Navy flip flops

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet, but after seeing PICTURE, AFTER PICTURE, AFTER PICTURE of myself wearing my tacky white sports watch, I’m considering buying a nicer looking watch (‘cuz doing away with a watch altogether just ain’t gonna happen). So, let me know, do you wear a watch? Do you love it? What kind do you like? Where do you buy watches? Let me know! I wanna hear from YOU!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #68

Day 68

Top – Kohl’s – Lauren Conrad

Pants – Old Navy

Shoes – Ross – Guess

On Monday mornings I like to get a little dressed up because I get to go to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) without kids!! I’m likin’ this look. Even the hubby approved this morning. That’s always a good sign.

Okay, so I have to include a little side note in this post. What is it ladies with our crazy self esteems? I ALMOST didn’t include this in my blog, ‘cuz I know it’s overly critical, but at the same time…I want you to know that I’m human! I felt super cute this morning, and then when I went to go take my picture of my outfit, I started to get all hung up on nit picky details. LAME, LAME, LAME!!

I took this one below and from an outsiders perspective, I feel like it could be an ad in a catalogue. 


But I was also analyzing this picture…IMG_2896 I changed into shorts and wedges to hang outside with the kids. I was noticing my ginormous lats and a teeny bit of…I believe we call it “side boob”?  Can you say abnormally self conscious? The reasonable side of me recognizes this is ridiculous. And yet, my inner self conscious is asking myself, “How can it be that I’ve been working out for an hour a day for the past month, and my body looks like this?” Easter candy? Perhaps. ;) I’m very thankful for the body God has given me, and bizarrely enjoy working out with my husband. With that said, I still have those day to day struggles with body image that EVERY woman struggles with.

Sorry for the lateness in this post, but I was wishy washy about what to post. But when push came to shove, I want to be real…and real we will get. We’ll see if it’s liked or not, but I think I need to start really being me on my blog, not that I haven’t, but I’ve been “shy”, or selective might be a good way of putting it. So watch out…here I come! ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #67

Day 66 - with side view

My husband is GOOD! I had the picture on the left and he said, “Meh, you should take a side pic…that REALLY shows your good side.” When I arranged the above on my computer, he said, “It’ll do. But it still doesn’t do you justice!” LOVE that man! Thanks for the ego boost hun!

Church attire today.

Dress – Stein Mart

Necklace – Kohl’s

Shoes – Nordstrom’s Rack

Purse – Dana Buchanan – Kohl’s

The sun’s out where we live today! Now I’m secretly hoping it warms up today!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #66 – Night Out!

Day 66 - Night OutIf I’m really going to share ALL of my wardrobe pieces with you, I’m gonna have to share special occasions, right? So, tonight I got to celebrate with a friend who just recently got her realtor’s license. She threw a wonderful cocktail, appetizer and dessert party at a local restaurant. Yay! Dress up time!

This shirt holds a special memory for me. I bought it at a small boutique in Oak Park, IL for my second wedding anniversary. It matches my wedding shoes (which I’m not wearing ‘cuz I wasn’t into heels back then, but have since then discovered how ridiculously sexy they can be). It was a totally out of character shirt for me to buy, but I love it and like I said, it holds a special memory.

Necklace – Kohl’s – Vera Wang (similar found here)

Pants – Kohl’s – Lauren Conrad

Shoes – Ross - Guess

When I put it on to head out tonight, my hubby said, “Wow, that brings back Chicago memories. I remember your dilemma of whether or not to buy that – it cost more than you usually spend.” He’s still okay with the purchase. =) Do you buy clothes for special occasions? If so, what type of events? Holidays? Performances? First day type events? Let me know! I love each and every comment from you!

Wearing my clothes – Day #66

Day 66

Yay! Mixing patterns with a pop of color. I think I like it!Do you see the difference between these two pics? Heels just flatter a girl, but let’s face it…chasing around 2 toddlers (particularly when it’s been VERY rainy) simply requires flats.

I’ve been avoiding this shirt in my closet during this whole “wearing EVERYTHING in my closet” process. I bought it last summer for 4th of July (mind you, this was about 3 months after delivering my baby girl), and loved it for the holiday! But, the “fit” is not fabulous, however the guilt of only wearing it a few times has kept it in my closet.

Admittedly, I recently purchased 2 pieces here.

Pants – Vera Wang – Kohl’s (found here – I only paid $25! – great for such a cute fit and versatile pant I think)

Shoes – Mossimo – Target (found here - $15)

Shirt – Old Navy (same style, different pattern found here - $16)

Sweater – TJMaxx? Very old

Heels (on right) – Target, also old

What do you think? Do you like the mix of patterns? Do you prefer heels or flats? Should I ditch the shirt? Weigh in! Oh yes! I forgot. Here was my inspiration photo. Day 66 - inspiration Still love all the components of this, but likin’ my version, too! I know, polka dots instead of stripes, a similar shirt may make an appearance in my closet soon. =) Click on the pic above to take you to the website it originated on – lots more inspiration there, too!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I’m linking up to a blog party just for fun, and to meet other bloggers! It’s hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom and had over 3,000 bloggers last year. What a cool way to learn about other cool blogs!

With that said…allow me to introduce myself in case you’re visiting from said blog party, or if you’re just new to my blog and would like to know what this blog is all about!

“Rookie to Rock Star”

I felt this was an appropriate title for what I wanted to convey on my blog. I discovered the following quote(s)* that I think explains some of the reasoning behind my blog:

“Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.”

– Morihei Ueshiba (Japanese athlete 1883-1969)

I began blogging nearly 2 years ago starting in May. It all came about when a friend asked for a recipe. I thought, “Why not post some of the fun ideas I’ve come across for others to share?” I mean, I need/needed all the help I could get when I first moved out on my own. If you read my summary above, I didn’t even know what a clove of garlic was!

So, my blog consists of me sharing my growth with you – in all areas of life. Parenting, cooking, baking, wife-ing, fashioning, celebrating, partying, reading…any area I happen to be growing in! I’m passionate about learning (I guess that’s why I’m a former teacher).

Join in learning with me…hopefully I’ll help us laugh along the way.

*Here were some other quotes I loved that convey similar thoughts, if you’re a quote type person!

“When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty, I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
- C.S. Lewis

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

“The knowledge of all things is possible”
-Leonardo da Vinci

And here’s me with my family…the group that makes all my blog magic happen!IMG_2586

Wearing my clothes – Day #65

Day 65

Wow…from yesterday…to THIS?!

Let’s just say this is the last time you’ll be seeing me in this shirt. I said to myself as I was getting dressed, “You made a commitment to wear EVERYTHING in your closet.” So I put this shirt on. I’ve put it in the thrift store pile at least twice and always wimp out on taking it.

I love the profile it creates, very slimming, and yet it’s just not a practical shirt. The buttons keep popping open, it’s a little too short, it just bugs me!! It’s a little juvenile. And after 64 days of clothes, I clearly have plenty!! So, it’s going bye-bye after today.

But I do think I deserve a pat on the back for giving it one last try. hehe

Jeans – Guess from Macy’s

Shirt – TJMaxx?

Coat – Kohl’s – Dana Buchman (you can buy it here on sale for $32 – I got 30% off by using my Kohl’s card, too, so I only paid $23, SCORE! I just realized they only have size XL left. Sorry guys. Maybe in store perhaps?)

Shoes – Marshall’s

Earrings – Old Navy

Okay, I’m gonna go change into something comfy. It doesn’t help that it’s super stormy, rainy and gross out! Sweats and hot cocoa, here I come!

p.s. – The picture caught me “primping”! Auto timer. But the others were kinda blurry and I was too lazy to go take another pic. So, there you have it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #64 (with a new addition to my closet!)

Day 64

Earrings – Nordstrom’s Rack

Jacket – Lauren Conrad – Kohl’s

Shirt – Marshall’s

Jeans – Marshall’s

Necklace – Premier Jewelry

Boots – Old Navy

As I’ve been mentioning, it’s chilly round these parts lately, and if I’m gonna keep wearing “new” stuff out of my closet (meaning not re-wearing since the start of this whole silliness) – it either needs to warm up or I need to buy some jackets/blazers/cardigans or something!

SO…enter my GORGEOUS new jacket. =) I’ve also mentioned that the nice part of doing this closet project is I have a good knowledge of what’s in my closet and what purchases I could make to round it out. A gray jacket or sweater has been on my list.

I came across the following picture (click on the picture to take you to the link):blogger contest

and loved the jacket! It’s currently available at Kohl’s here. They also have it in Stucco which I BRIEFLY considered.

I took the plunge and purchased it for two reasons.

#1. I have a TON of stuff in my closet I can wear it with. It’s versatile.

#2. It fits excellently!

I’m also learning that fit is crucial. I’ve tried on a myriad of gray sweaters and jackets over the last month or so and haven’t found anything I liked nearly as much as this.

So…the jacket took me one more day in the rain! =)

**Side note, sort of. I found the picture above from a Lauren Conrad blogger contest. Both finalists blogs are very helpful. Anna Hodge, pictured above, has a blog named Fash Boulevard.

The other finalist is Jeanette Scott from J’s Everyday Fashion. She’ll take images/outfits she’s seen and liked and will recreate them with pieces she has in her closet. I’m LOVING that idea and am now keeping my eyes peeled for ideas for things I already have. I love her philosophy that she’s just an everyday girl working out her fashion sense. Very attainable. Love it! =)

Check out either or both blogs for inspiration.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Days 31-60 – Cast your vote!

I posted my outfits from Days #1-30 here. It was difficult to tell what day was what and the pictures were small. So, what I did this time was labeled them in order, as well as attached a hyperlink to each picture that will take you back to that day’s blog post. So, for example, if you’re debating between two pictures, you can go back and see the full size pictures to compare. Hope that helps!

Also – if you’re interested, I added days #51 and #52 that previously were not there. I was traveling and simply didn’t snap photos those two days. So, I “recreated” them and added them below. Feel free to check out those two new pieces of eye candy.

One last change for this vote, if you look to the right, there are TWO polls in the sidebar.

#1 Poll – Vote for your favorite

#2 Poll – Vote for your least favorite

Last vote I felt too self conscious to do a least favorite vote, but…now I feel like it might help me get rid of the “not so cute stuff” and/or – if you guys don’t like it but I still do? Too bad! I’ll still wear it. =) I’ve gained a little more confidence –good or bad, I don’t know, but I’m gonna go with good.

Last thing before you get to the pics, if you’re reading this on a mobile and can’t vote, feel free to post the number of your favorite and least favorite and I’ll add it to the final calculations when I reveal the winners. Don’t worry about me seeing what numbers you vote, like I said, it doesn’t matter to me, just fun to know everyone’s opinions. =) So – vote away!

DAYS 31-35

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34

Day 35

DAYS 36-40

Day 36

Day 37

Day 38

Day 39

Day 40





 DAYS 41-45

Day 41

Day 42

Day 43

Day 44

Day 45






DAYS 46-50

Day 46

Day 47

Day 48

Day 49

Day 50






DAYS 51-55

Day 51

Day 52

Day 53

Day 54

Day 55






DAYS 56-60

Day 56

Day 57

Day 58

Day 59






Day #60 is same as Day #54

p.s. – If a link is not working, let me know so I can fix it, thanks!