Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #34

Day 34

Gettin’ fancy for church! Well…more business-y. Pants are Tommy Hilfiger from TJMaxx. There’s a tiny white pinstripe. Shoes are Naturalizer! Gasp! They were one of my first pair of high heels that I’ve actually worn. It was a downhill slope from there in the way of the development of my love of shoes. The sweater is Express. The cuffs and collar actually pin in and out. Funny. Easy peasy today! I’m almost half way to 50 in way of getting votes for my first 30 days of outfits. If you haven’t voted, go check out all the pics from the 30 days and weigh in on the sidebar here. I’d love to get your opinion! Thanks.

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