Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #24

Day 24

I was supposed to go to a MOPS park day today, but apparently we’re doomed because 2 of 3 that we’ve scheduled have been rained on. And we haven’t had a ton of rain this winter. Anywho…I needed to dress warm. And this sweater is nice and cozy!

The sweater is from Anthropologie. I think it was my second purchase from the store. Like I’ve mentioned, I shop there rarely because it tends to be pricey. I purchased the sweater after losing my baby weight from my first. Sort of a “Yay me!” treat. It was one of those times when (we’ve ALL had them) I was determined to spend money, and had a difficult time finding something I liked. I’m still not INLOVE with the sweater, but I like it. It’s different. =)

Jeans are from Marshall’s, I like the detail on the back because it helps me look like I have a booty. Shoes are Ross.

I’m still happy to be posting pics from my closet! I’m glad I started this “journey”. =)

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