Friday, March 2, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #25

Day 25

This is starting to get funny. I’ve seen a couple friends recently, and they already know what I’m gonna look like when they see me ‘cuz I’ve already posted. =)

Also, I’ve had a couple people ask if I’m re-wearing pants. HECK YEAH! No way do I have 25 pairs of pants or do I?! Nah. But, so far, it’s been a different shirt every day.

So, here’s the lowdown for today…

The necklace is from Old Navy, I doubled it up, normally it’s long. The sweater is from Marshall’s I believe? I almost didn’t buy it, that weird bust-line pull sort of bugs me, you know what I’m talking about ladies! The undershirt is also from Marshall’s, it’s strictly an undershirt, it’s sheer. Super comfy though! Pants are my “skinny jeans” – Angel brand. And the boots, ready to laugh? I bought them a few years ago for a Pirate costume, justifying that they’re cute as is for normal day wear, too! Which I think they are, don’t you? Check out the old pic from my pirate costume…wow!Mr. & Mrs. Pirate 4I know you can’t see the boots, but they’d go well, right? Hilarious! I love my husband’s pirate face. =) 

I’m thinking I might do a recap on day #30, and give a hint at how many more days may be to come as if I know! Stay tuned. =)

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