Saturday, March 24, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room - Loads of Fun

As I sat down to write this, I’ll have to admit, I doubted whether this was worth a post, and then…I began pouring through the pictures. There are a few changes that are most definitely worth sharing! First…some eye candy of the overall project.Laundry Room Recap

Let me start with the changes that are making a huge impact. Simple, yet so helpful and fun!

#1. Bath & Bodyworks Plug-inPlug in There’s an outlet above the dryer which I’ve never really used. I had an extra plug-in, so I plugged it in! I love walking into my house smelling such a yummy scent! Our laundry room is adjacent to our garage, so when we come in, that’s the first room we enter. I love this little change.

#2. Full size trash canTrash can Again, this is the first room we enter. Is it just me? Or do all of you feel like you accumulate massive quantities of unnecessary trash? Junk mail, food wrappers, etc. I had a SMALL one in here before, but I feel like I can stay more organized after coming in from the car with a full sized one now.

#3. Candy jar =)Candy jar First of all, this just makes me smile. We made these in our MOPS group. I like having a “pretty” laundry room. Secondly, I feel like after completing a few loads of laundry, I deserve a small treat. hehe =) So, it’s fun having a little candy jar in here.

#4. ToolsTools Even though our garage is immediately adjacent to our laundry room, I hate having to go out there when I need certain necessities, aka: screwdrivers. Don’t you always need them, to replace batteries in toys? Assemble furniture? Random stuff, right? The door to the garage is RIGHT next to my daughter’s room, and it sometimes wakes her up, and sometimes…it’s just outright cold out there! So, I love having it at my fingertips whenever I need it.

#5. Dry Erase Markers

See picture above. Initially I put these in here to write on the washer what clothes needed to line dry. And I might still do that. But, we’ve found it fun to leave daddy a little note directly on the washer or dryer! We even left one for Grammy when she came to visit. How fun!

#6. Verse of the WeekVerse of the week Trying to keep my spiritual focus on a day to day basis can be challenging, but focusing on scripture is helpful. I pray a scripture each week for my children. So, I’ve started writing it on this frame. It’s such a great reminder!


Okay…so now that I shared the “highlights”, let me give you the nitty gritty. Of course I neglected to take before pictures, but it didn’t LOOK drastically different anyway. Just not as pretty.

Here are the changes I made:

  • Made the Laundry Loads of Fun sign, I’ll add a tutorial soon.
  • Made the Verse of the Week frame (I used black 12x12 paper and yellow 8.5x11 paper, and cute ribbon)
  • Got a new ironing board cover
  • Used scrapbook paper to cover the cupboards. We’re renting, so I can’t paint them.
  • Wrapped pegboard in damask fabric and hung. Just poke a hole where you want to hang the pegs. I’ll add a short tutorial soon.
  • Hung the following on the pegboard: Shelf to hold picture frame and dryer sheets (I realize you can keep the dryer sheets in the cabinet above, and I asked myself, why do I feel the need to have them OUT of the cabinet? Then, I realized I often have crap piled on top of the dryer and can’t open the cabinet to get the dryer sheet out. haha!!), 3 pails holding tools, pens and dry erase markers, packing tape, a flashlight, a measuring tape, and scissors (all things I tend to need on hand)
  • Pushed my washer and dryer together (there was wasted space where things feel in between the two, DUH!!)
  • Added a “shelf” (right now it’s just wedged between the washer and the wall, but I’m planning on hanging command hooks underneath to hold it in place. I cut it EXACTLY to fit, so it’s pretty snug), with a candy jar and lamp on top. The shelf is nice when folding laundry.
  • Added a full size trash under the shelf, my wrapping paper is also there, easily accessible, now it’s just hidden under the shelf
  • Added a magazine rack to hold mail
  • Hung a command hook to hold a lint brush (we have a white dog…black pants can be…challenging to say the least)
  • Last but not least? Organized the contents of the cabinets

Here are a few more pictures! I always love soaking up pictures on other people’s websites for inspiration. So…here ya go!IMG_1910The contents of my cupboards:IMG_1906  IMG_1907IMG_1908IMG_1909Top left: “Refill” cleaning products and lightly used cleaning products. Refills for my scentsy products.

Top right: Toilet bowl cleaning products, Clorox wipes, soaps and plug-in refills

Bottom left: More cleaning products, and laundry essentials. Another genius tip learned from my mom (that probably most people do, I just don’t know)? Throw the lid to the detergent in with your load. It cleans it entirely. Even if it ends up in your dryer, it’ll be fine! Keeps it from getting gunky.

Bottom right: Still needs some work. Right now, it’s my iron + stuff from projects I’m planning to do soon.

Last picture!!! Here’s what I put in the picture frame. Fun, “classic” looking photo I snapped with the self timer of me and the kids playing outside. Makes me smile. =)IMG_1890 I’m slowly organizing different rooms in my home in hopes to STAY more organized, instead of feeling like I’m playing catch up all the time. In other words, I’m trying to create a home for everything. Master bathroom, my closet, and laundry room – DONE!! Up next for you all…the kitchen. Probably will make it’s debut in a week or two. =)

What do you like about your laundry room? What would you like to change?

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