Monday, March 19, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #41

Day 41

Okay, not my favorite picture, but I waited until the VERY end of the day to take this (even post a much needed nap in the afternoon!).

But, here it is at least! Pants are Levi, shoes are from Target, shirt….ooo…Ross a LONG time ago?, jacket was Sam’s Club. I have no idea where the bracelet was from.

I have to admit, I’m GETTING to the point in my closet where I still have some clothes, but am not stoked about wearing many of them. Which may mean they might be some items I should give away. We’ll see. Some of it is just seasonal, too. Meaning, the items are for warmer weather, and it’s certainly not warmer weather here quite yet. I think I’ve got at least a week more in there, beyond that, time will tell. =)

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