Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #27

Day 27 This was what I wore to church this morning. I took a risk and wore the blazer with this Calvin Klein dress I bought at Ross. I got the dress a few years back for Easter. It’s so well made! The shoes are from Payless. I love the navy with the yellow! Not lovin’ the blazer so much though. I keep trying to like it, but not sure that I do. I’ll maybe try it one more time with something else. It’s Apt. 9 I believe from Kohl’s.

Then..we went to the park. It’s gorgeous out today where we live! Okay, so I wore the dress and heels to Costco after church, but to the park? Absolutely not! So I changed into…Day 27 - #2 Much more park appropriate. Here’s proof at the park…we had a blast!IMG_1234 My poor daughter’s belly…perpetually hanging out. Cute though! Love the static hair from the slide, too. =)

Oh yeah…the “stats”. The shirt was from TJMaxx, gotta love when you actually find a T-shirt long enough to cover you. The jeans are Levi from Costco, shoes are Rocket Dog from Ross. I was a bit hesitant wearing the shirt, it’s snug! But despite my lack of exercise, I think I can pull it off. I was super comfortable at least.


  1. Love the dress. Adorable. I think the reason you don't like the blazer is it is too big for you. At least it looks that way in the picture. Maybe try a shorter one? At least with the dress b/c the waistline is higher. I just bought a purse in the same butter yellow color. Love!

    1. You are spot on! It is too big. I have a hard time getting jackets to fit because of my *ahem* large bust-line and small waistline. I know, HORRIBLE problem to have, huh? ;)I'm tempted to try and take it in. We'll see. Thanks! Fun about the purse. =) Yay for spring-ish weather!

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