Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nighttime Potty Training

Here’s the chart I made, and below is an explanation.

Nighttime Potty Training ChartDiesel 10So..we started nighttime potty training 2 nights ago. We’ll see how this goes. In order to motivate myself to take the plunge, I had to make myself run out of diapers. I counted the diapers so I knew when our first night would be. Also, crucial information for any readers. I was confident in giving this a go because 7 out of 10 mornings, Cooper wakes up with a dry diaper. So I knew he was ready to give it a try. And heck! If I don’t have to continue to pay for diapers? I’ll try it!

I’ve tried some “charts” with Cooper before, and I hesitated making one because he hasn’t been terribly excited about them. BUT, I haven’t been the most consistent in following through with them either.

So, I thought long and hard about this particular chart plan and made it doable primarily by considering these two aspects:

#1: Length of time -

7 days. 7 mornings of him waking up dry (and pulling up his own pants during the day), and the chart is finished! That’s something I can handle, and also something feasible in the eyes of a toddler.

I hung it low enough so he can move Diesel 10 (I just put painters tape on the back). So each morning he wakes up dry, we move Diesel 10 to the next spot.

#2: The goal must be something Cooper is ECSTATIC about!! -

Diesel 10. We recently visited Hobby Town and he wanted to buy Diesel 10 SOO bad! So, that’s his goal. 7 dry mornings and we go to Hobby Town to buy Diesel 10.

The very first night, he had a minor accident, but caught it and went pee in the toilet. He also woke up with a fever that night, so it may have been partially due to that. Since then, we’ve had 2 successful nights. Fingers crossed tonight goes well, too! =)


Here’s a generic version in case you’d like to use the chart for your little guy (or girl, who knows? maybe she likes trains, too?). =) Good luck! Potty training can be hecka challenging! Nighttime Potty Training Chart - Generic Just click on the image, right click and same image as…then print out for your use! Again, hope it goes well for you!

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