Friday, March 23, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #45

Day 45

I took a bit of a risk this morning. I’ve never belted shirts, it just feels awkward to me. BUT, I do love that I have  small waist (gotta play up the good right ladies?!). So, both this shirt and the sweater are quite blousy, so I gave it a go. The sweater is from Kohl’s, the shirt was from Ross, belt came with something and was promptly tossed in the black abyss that WAS my closet, pants are Angel from Marshall’s, and the shoes were from Old Navy (sorry they got cut off, had to do the self timer). I have two bracelets on that you can hardly see, they’re from my mother-in-law. Very fun! So, weigh in…what do you think? I like the outfit from the side view, but I’m not sure. Any suggestions or thoughts? It was fun for something different at least. =)

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  1. I think it's fun! But I know what you mean... I always feel awkward when I try different things (like, I crochet myself all these hats but NEVER wear them because I don't think I can pull off hats!). Do you ever go into Charming Charlies? There is a store in the Roseville Fountains. They have SO many cute belts & such in there (and very affordable prices). I bought a mustard yellow one to try out (if I can find the courage :).


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