Friday, March 9, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #32

Day 32

You’d never know from this picture, but my son woke up with a fever this morning at 4am. That was it! He had a slight cough, but showed no other signs of ANYTHING! But, that meant…no preschool. =(

Which turned into =) for mommy! I got a TON of organizing done. You’ll see soon…both my laundry room and kitchen are feeling SO functional! With all that said, this is VERY much a bum around the house mommy type outfit. The Levi jeans from Costco are way to big, but comfy! And the sweatshirt was actually purchased to wear in the delivery room at the hospital. My cousin gave the advice to bring zippered sweatshirts for easy nursing. I got this one at Steinmart in Texas. Shoes – Old Navy. Necklace – a gift from being on MOPS leadership. It says Hope – Psalm 71:5. Yay!

Here is ONE of many humbling moments for today…here I am wearing this same sweatshirt 3 1/2 years ago on the day we brought our first son home from the hospital. That’s right, we went straight to the voting booth! =) Anybody reading this that hasn’t had kids yet…you can’t say you weren’t told! That “preggo” belly? Yeah…doesn’t go away after delivering that baby. It takes awhile. But look how precious my baby boy was is! =) Love him to pieces!Cooper 080After a failed induction 4 days earlier and being in the hospital for the second induction from 9:30am until my baby boy was born at 3:05am, I think I’m lookin’ pretty darn good!

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