Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinned it, Did it! – DIY Moss Family Initial

Love how this turned out! Yay!
I actually saw this done in 2 separate places. A tutorial here at 1st Lady of the House, and a picture of it here at Thrifty Decor Chick. Ironically they were both S’s, but I’m here to let you know, it can be done with an N as well! (If you’re in need of another letter, you’re on your own! just kidding…I’m sure it can be done, too).
Box cutter, cutting mat, printed initial, cardboard (or you could buy a wooden letter from somewhere), sheet of moss (from Michael’s or craft store), scissors, glue gun, ribbon
STEP #1:IMG_1089Print out letter as a template. Use a box cutter and a cutting mat to cut letter out of cardboard. I doubled up and glued two together. Made it thicker and sturdier.
(Disregard the letters on the cardboard, I was having my son practice his letters by “parking his car” in the spots.)
STEP #2:IMG_1091 IMG_1092Lay cardboard on the back of the moss, with the letter facing down (away from you). Trace with marker, and cut out.
STEP #3: IMG_1093 Fold edges over and glue down onto the cardboard using a glue gun.IMG_1094Consider cleaning up the gargantuan mess you just made and then…
STEP #4: IMG_1116Ignore the mess so that you can glue the ribbon onto the back of the letter and hang!
STEP #5: IMG_1123Take a picture so you can share your success with friends, since your husband could care less! =) Actually, he liked it. And Cooper was very excited to show him!
Two more tidbits of info…
#1: Check out how I “hung” the letter from the mirror. You know the outlet plugs we use to keep our kids from sticking their fingers in there? I just wedged it between the wall and the mirror with the ribbon around it. Easy peasy! See?IMG_1117 #2: I made another initial the day before in our MOPS group as a craft using cardboard, twine, a hot glue gun, and a scrap of fabric. Note – this one takes a bit more patience, especially our poor ladies who had to cut the cardboard out using scissors (not recommended). Use a box cutter and a cutting mat.
I’m planning on hanging it in my laundry room, which I’m currently reorganizing and sprucing up. That post will be making an appearance in the near future. =) For now, here’s the twine initial:IMG_1261
I linked up over at Embracing Change here.


  1. Very cute idea! I adore letters! Would love to have you stop over to my Creative Inspirations party happening NOW to link this up! THanks!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  2. THanks for linking up - this letter project is really cool! I love letter art so this is right up my alley! Please come back this week to link up again - I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. Hi Becky!
    Thanks again for linking up! I featured you today - come and see and grab a button while you are there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. So awesome! I am going to have to try that.

  5. This is really cute. The moss mat will make this much less messy. I thought of doing this, but only have the moss "glob".

    1. Thanks for visiting...I checked out your blogs. Good luck with your recent goal. It's tough, but worth it!

  6. Visiting from 320 Sycamore. This is adorable and I'm definitely trying this! Thanks for the inspiration!


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