Wednesday, March 7, 2012

30 days from my closet…

For those of you just tuning in…I cleaned out my closet a month ago (see that post here) and decided to wear ALL of my clothes before either re-wearing something (well, shirts at least) or buying something new. I just have so many clothes, I might as well make the most of them! So…here you have, the first 30 days of my clothes. Take a moment and vote in the poll on the sidebar here to let me know which outfit you liked best. And stay tuned for the next…potentially 30 more days.Days 1-30

1 comment:

  1. Hmm.. Tough choice, I cant decide! I like 3,4,7,12,&25. What A great idea. I should do this. Anyway, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I've left a reply to your comment about the scrapbook paper if you wanna come back and check it out. Have a great day and keep up those cute outfits!


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