Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #30

Wow! I feel so accomplished! I made it 30 days. Yay for me! daughter is attached at my hip and crying relentlessly if she’s not a bit of a mommy’s girl right now, so I couldn’t manage to snap a pic this morning without her. I tried passing her off to dad, and you would’ve thought the world was ending! Sheesh! So, this is the best I’ve got for ya…I love the sleepyhead kiddos.Day 30Pants are Levi from Ross. The shirt is Liz Claiborne. I feel old for even admitting that…but yet again, I guess maybe that’s why I’m not in love with this shirt. I bought it post-baby to help with that transition stage. Now I just feel a bit frumpy in it. The necklace was from Kohl’s I believe. And shoes are Mudd brand, maybe from Target? 

I have to go try and put my kitchen back together after dinner and maybe attempting to organize in there as well.

BUT…tomorrow, I will post pictures of all my outfits for all 30 days thus far. A poll is posted for you to vote for your favorite. Let’s see if we can get at least 50 votes, you think? Maybe more? It’ll be up there for a week.

I VERY briefly considered voting for the worst, but ANY woman’s self esteem just wouldn’t do well with that, am I right? =) So, go vote for your fave!

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