Friday, April 20, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #71 (and a new trick re: patent leather shoe marks)

Day 71It is GORGEOUS where I live today! I couldn’t help but bust out these pants. They sort of go against normal fashion rules in the sense that they’re 2 sizes too big for me. But, my husband loves them on me, and they’re just so darn comfortable! So, they hang out in my closet. They’re great beach wear. The bottoms fold up and snap to become shorter pants, too.
Shirt – Anthropologie (funny side note – what color do you think this shirt is? ‘Cuz the tag said “Red”…Hmm…)
Pants – Old Navy
Shoes – Famous Footwear
Earrings – Premier Jewelry
**See the lovely black scuff on the side of my shoe pictured above? No? Here’s a closer look…see there on the left of the picture?Day 71 I’ve been meaning to look up an easy way to remove these FOREVER. And after looking at that smudge in the picture, I finally did. 

Trick of the Trade #22: Remove scuffs with nail polish remover
I found the suggestion to use nail polish remover. I thought, “Either walk around with nasty smudges all over my shoes, or attempt to clean them, potentially fail and have an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.” ;)
It definitely worked! Don’t use too much. On one part, it began to take off the white patent a bit. But they look MUCH better. Other suggestions I read about were the Magic Eraser (which I’d tried before), rubbing alcohol and Windex. Didn’t try the last two, but nail polish remover worked! Yay for non-smudgy shoes!

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