Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #64 (with a new addition to my closet!)

Day 64

Earrings – Nordstrom’s Rack

Jacket – Lauren Conrad – Kohl’s

Shirt – Marshall’s

Jeans – Marshall’s

Necklace – Premier Jewelry

Boots – Old Navy

As I’ve been mentioning, it’s chilly round these parts lately, and if I’m gonna keep wearing “new” stuff out of my closet (meaning not re-wearing since the start of this whole silliness) – it either needs to warm up or I need to buy some jackets/blazers/cardigans or something!

SO…enter my GORGEOUS new jacket. =) I’ve also mentioned that the nice part of doing this closet project is I have a good knowledge of what’s in my closet and what purchases I could make to round it out. A gray jacket or sweater has been on my list.

I came across the following picture (click on the picture to take you to the link):blogger contest

and loved the jacket! It’s currently available at Kohl’s here. They also have it in Stucco which I BRIEFLY considered.

I took the plunge and purchased it for two reasons.

#1. I have a TON of stuff in my closet I can wear it with. It’s versatile.

#2. It fits excellently!

I’m also learning that fit is crucial. I’ve tried on a myriad of gray sweaters and jackets over the last month or so and haven’t found anything I liked nearly as much as this.

So…the jacket took me one more day in the rain! =)

**Side note, sort of. I found the picture above from a Lauren Conrad blogger contest. Both finalists blogs are very helpful. Anna Hodge, pictured above, has a blog named Fash Boulevard.

The other finalist is Jeanette Scott from J’s Everyday Fashion. She’ll take images/outfits she’s seen and liked and will recreate them with pieces she has in her closet. I’m LOVING that idea and am now keeping my eyes peeled for ideas for things I already have. I love her philosophy that she’s just an everyday girl working out her fashion sense. Very attainable. Love it! =)

Check out either or both blogs for inspiration.

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