Friday, April 6, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #59 (with my cutest accessory!)

Day 59

I know, cliche, right? But seriously…kids are the best! I needed a “throw this on” type of outfit today for relaxing and hanging at the park and I may or not be running out of “new” clothes to wear for cooler weather. Come on sun! Work with me here! =)

Pants – Levi via Ross

Shirt – Miley Cyrus via Walmart (another $1 nab!)

Shoes – Old Navy

Earrings – Yeah, yeah, you can’t see them. They’re bronze hoops in tear drop shape from JC Penney’s I think.

Anywho…are you ready to vote again? I’m hoping maybe I can get 70 this time, you think? Well, either way, it’s fun to get your opinions. Look for the pictures from day #30 - #60 tomorrow. I’ll try and figure out a better format where you can more easily see all the pictures.

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