Thursday, April 5, 2012

Celebrating Easter…For REALS!

You may have seen a variety of versions of “Resurrection” rolls, cookies, etc. I’m a fan of trying to convey the true meaning of holidays to my kiddos and now that Cooper’s old enough to start grasping it, I figured we’d give these rolls a go from Happy Home Fairy’s website. IMG_2381 A little reminder here…it may feel like concepts are over your kids’ heads and that you should just wait, but I’m telling ya, it’s sinking in! We read through the scriptures and explained what the rolls represent. And it stuck! We began by reading John 19.
Here’s what we did:
STEP #1: Roll a marshmallow* (representing Christ – pure, white, perfect and without sin) in butter (representing the anointing oils used to clean Jesus’ body), and then in a cinnamon and sugar mixture (representing the herbs and spices used to anoint Jesus’ body).
*You may want to use a half marshmallow. Ours didn’t melt entirely, sort of ruining the effect. Maybe I’m just a newb, but I’d rather be safe than sorry in the future. Thankfully, the effect was still had. =)
STEP #2: Roll the marshmallow in the crescent roll (representing the cloths they used to wrap Christ’s body). Be sure to pinch it closed!! See side note above. You want the “miracle” to happen!
STEP #3: Brush rolls with more butter and cook according to package directions in the oven (or tomb).
While the rolls were in the oven, we read John 20:1-18. As I mentioned earlier, you may feel like it’s above their heads. And…I’m sure it is. But it’s still sinking in! I even was concerned that it may be to graphic for them…talking about Christ being flogged, etc. But, I want my son to know the sacrifice Christ made for us.
AND…my kiddos peered inside the oven with GREAT anticipation!IMG_2386
IMG_2385 Yes, sweetie pie….I see them in there! hehe =)
STEP #4: Discuss what you might find inside the rolls when they are done cooking. BE PATIENT and let them cool! I think this helps the marshmallow to completely melt inside.
STEP #5: Hope they turned out correctly, crack open and SURPRISE! It’s empty! Christ has risen. =) Eat and enjoy. IMG_2390 If you can tell…ours didn’t turn out exactly right, but I know it sunk in because Cooper explained to Grammy and Papa the following night that the marshmallow was gone and Jesus was not dead anymore! Yay! Happy mommy moment. Candy, bunnies, and Easter eggs are fun and all, but all that matters is that my son understands why we as a family celebrate Easter. Hope your celebrations in your home are equally as meaningful. Happy early Easter!


  1. Adorable! I've had this pinned for a few weeks, I'm hoping to make them Easter morning with my 3 year old and 9 month old. It's amazing to me how early kids can start to understand the Gospel. Happy Easter! -Kelly @ Semi Homemade Mom

    1. Hope it goes well for you! Hopefully my hints were helpful in the process. Happy Easter to you, too! =)


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