Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #66 – Night Out!

Day 66 - Night OutIf I’m really going to share ALL of my wardrobe pieces with you, I’m gonna have to share special occasions, right? So, tonight I got to celebrate with a friend who just recently got her realtor’s license. She threw a wonderful cocktail, appetizer and dessert party at a local restaurant. Yay! Dress up time!

This shirt holds a special memory for me. I bought it at a small boutique in Oak Park, IL for my second wedding anniversary. It matches my wedding shoes (which I’m not wearing ‘cuz I wasn’t into heels back then, but have since then discovered how ridiculously sexy they can be). It was a totally out of character shirt for me to buy, but I love it and like I said, it holds a special memory.

Necklace – Kohl’s – Vera Wang (similar found here)

Pants – Kohl’s – Lauren Conrad

Shoes – Ross - Guess

When I put it on to head out tonight, my hubby said, “Wow, that brings back Chicago memories. I remember your dilemma of whether or not to buy that – it cost more than you usually spend.” He’s still okay with the purchase. =) Do you buy clothes for special occasions? If so, what type of events? Holidays? Performances? First day type events? Let me know! I love each and every comment from you!

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