Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #73 (the skinny on the skinnies)

Day 73

Shirt – Apt. 9 – Kohl’s (found here)

Pants – Rock and Republic – Kohl’s (found here)

Bracelet – Mudd – Kohl’s (found here)

Shoes – Famous Footwear

Earrings – gift from mother-in-law in Hawaii

Okay, so I’ve pretty much worn everything in my closet at this point. Just about. I have a few shirts and a few dresses left, but they’re special occasion and I only get around to wearing them every now and again. So, I gave myself permission to pick up some pieces to create ideas of outfits I’d pinned on pinterest. Like I’ve said, this process really helped me visualize my wardrobe and round it out.

Bright colored skinny jeans are IN right now, right? Well…yes, but everywhere I try them on, they’re either over $100, or they’re in the juniors section. And let’s just face it ladies, I ain’t no junior body. It’s just not appropriate to be traipsing around the park with pants tight enough that it’d be scandalous to put a quarter in them. I liked Old Navy’s pants, and tried on a pair in the store, but apparently they were a returned pair and they’re only available online. And get this! The pair I tried on was 2 sizes larger than I normally wear, and I still would’ve gone for a size larger!! What’s with that?! I mean, I’m not all about the size…but that’s a lot to be off, ya know?

Anywho, I found these at Kohl’s and loved the color, and thought the fit was appropriate. Here’s my problem with ankle length jeans…I’ve learned during this process that I have a long torso, and short legs. So put a crop on me and they look even shorter, and a bit stumpy, which they’re NOT! So, I did hesitate with these. But, the hubs liked ‘em and I found quite a few shirts I love to go with ‘em. So, the tags were removed. =) I LOVE this shirt, didn’t think I would, but really like it. You’ll be seeing these pants again in the near future paired with other cute tops!

What are your thoughts on skinny jeans? Do you have short legs? How do you wear them?

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