Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #72

Day 72

Other than my workout clothes/shoes that I wore walking to Starbuck’s this morning with the family, this is what I wore and I literally did not put shoes on during the day. Glorious, glorious Saturday!

Shirt – Billabong – Ross

This is a bum around type shirt. I bought it as my very first pregnancy shirt with my first. It’s not a maternity shirt, but worked up until the end. Just the style.

Shorts – Ross

***************************************************Day 72 - EveningGotta love work perks! My husband’s company took he, his colleagues and spouses out to dinner tonight. We had an amazing time and this is post-dinner. Giving my hubby silly looks here.

Dress – Anthropologie

Shoes – Guess – Ross

Necklace – Kohl’s

Fun story with the necklace. It actually originally came with turquoise beads attached. My good friend took it to Michael’s for me, removed the turquoise beads and added a clasp to them so they’re now removable. So now I can wear them as silver chains, or add the turquoise beads, brilliant! Two necklaces in one. 

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