Friday, April 20, 2012

Proof that I ate salmon!


You may or may not know this about me, but I’m not a big fan of seafood. Unfortunately for my hubs, he is. I rarely cook it, but we recently embarked on a nutrition plan that calls for fish at least 3x a week. Eek! So this past month, I’ve eaten (and cooked much of) the following:





*Seared Ahi Tuna

I have to admit, I’ve come to love seared ahi, and the salmon above was delicious! I’m working on expanding my horizons and try shrimp every year or so because EVERYONE responds with, “How could you NOT like shrimp?” But alas, I simply do not. Let me share the yummy salmon sauce used above.

Lemon-Dill Sauce

1/2 cup shallots, chopped

2 cups white wine (I use sauvignon blanc)

2 cups fat-free chicken broth, low sodium

6 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon lemongrass (I used the little tubes from the store)

1 tablespoon fresh dill, chopped

Directions: Coat a large pan with cooking spray and saute shallots until soft, moistening with wine if necessary.

Add remaining wine to shallots and reduce by half. Add chicken broth and reduce by half again.

Transer mixture to a food processor or blender and puree until smooth.

Return the sauce to pan, add lemon juice and lemongrass and simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes, until thick. Stir in dill and serve!

**SIDE NOTE: I added our 6 oz. salmon steaks (one for myself and one for the hubs) when it was ready to simmer. If it seems like it’s taking too long to cook, throw a pot lid over to help it cook faster.

I hope this helps YOU broaden your cooking horizons. If I can cook fish, TRUST ME!! You can too! How do you like to cook fish?

Oh…and because I wanted to start being more myself around you, I thought I’d share this other pic my husband snapped that reminded me that my hard work at working out IS in fact paying off, I’m just a “too hard on myself girl” and/or it’s just a darn good angle! heheIMG_2859

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