Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #“60”

I blew right through the official 60th day (I had a garage sale which I will admit that I abhor!!!). So here’s the “60th day”, which shouldn’t really count either because I re-wore something. It’s Easter Sunday guys! And look at what an adorable family pic we got:IMG_2586 Ha! No…that’s not the beloved family picture, although I still love it. Here was one of the good ones:IMG_2588 - portrait I’m most definitely getting towards the end of my closet, which I’m excited about! ‘Cuz now I get to go through and re-wear some of my favorite outfits I discovered. =)

And here’s proof that I actually do “function” in my fancy clothes. Not ALWAYS, but quite often I do.IMG_2658I’m off to try and put together pictures of days 30-60 for you for a vote! =) Happy Easter.

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