Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #66

Day 66

Yay! Mixing patterns with a pop of color. I think I like it!Do you see the difference between these two pics? Heels just flatter a girl, but let’s face it…chasing around 2 toddlers (particularly when it’s been VERY rainy) simply requires flats.

I’ve been avoiding this shirt in my closet during this whole “wearing EVERYTHING in my closet” process. I bought it last summer for 4th of July (mind you, this was about 3 months after delivering my baby girl), and loved it for the holiday! But, the “fit” is not fabulous, however the guilt of only wearing it a few times has kept it in my closet.

Admittedly, I recently purchased 2 pieces here.

Pants – Vera Wang – Kohl’s (found here – I only paid $25! – great for such a cute fit and versatile pant I think)

Shoes – Mossimo – Target (found here - $15)

Shirt – Old Navy (same style, different pattern found here - $16)

Sweater – TJMaxx? Very old

Heels (on right) – Target, also old

What do you think? Do you like the mix of patterns? Do you prefer heels or flats? Should I ditch the shirt? Weigh in! Oh yes! I forgot. Here was my inspiration photo. Day 66 - inspiration Still love all the components of this, but likin’ my version, too! I know, polka dots instead of stripes, a similar shirt may make an appearance in my closet soon. =) Click on the pic above to take you to the website it originated on – lots more inspiration there, too!

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