Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #8

Day 8 Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know, not very “festive”, but I don’t really have any clothing that’s very “Valentine-y”. So, here you have it!

Shirt is Old Navy (I’m seeing a theme here…)

Pants are Levi “Ultimate Lift” (Shh..’cuz I don’t have much of a boo-tay)

Shoes are…ooo..heck old! I think Ross or something? Also, I may as well address this. I have an unusual connection to my watch. Almost to the point that I should go do a class on addiction over it. Seriously!

There’s a bit of history behind “The Watch”, or at least the concept behind the watch. Waaayy back when, I did part of my student teaching overseas in Papua New Guinea (PNG), I discovered that communication while living in the middle of PNG, not so good. And the time difference is quite unpleasant. So, having only been dating my hubby (boyfriend at the time) for all of 5 months when I left, we purchased two watches with daily alarms and set them to go off at the same time. We committed to praying for one another when our alarms went off. It was comforting to know we were thinking of each other at the same time, every day. I know, schmoopy beyond all reason, but precious.

We both became sort of addicted to our watches. It’s nice having access to an alarm wherever you are. We actually both use our watches as alarm clocks still to this day. This is how bad it is…I forget that I’m wearing it, and actually feel naked without it…here’s an example of how bad the addiction is:Mercy Christmas Party My husband’s work Christmas party, formal obviously. It’s okay, you can tell me. TACKY!! I honestly just forgot. But, ewww!

As I leave you today, a word of marriage advice, seeing as it IS Valentine’s Day. Someone just asked me, “What’s the best marriage advice you’ve heard?” I don’t know that this is the BEST, but it certainly has helped me.

Tell your husband what you want, but then be pleasantly surprised when he does it. =)

So, for this Valentine’s Day, I had no expectations. And guess what?! I was not disappointed! =) We had a lovely breakfast of heart pancakes, an evening at the park with the family, and heart shaped meatloaf. Now, we’re working back to back at computers. Don’t worry…we’ll spend a short bit of quality time before we crash for the night.

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