Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wearing my clothes - Day #13

Love this outfit! Cute and super comfy, which is good seeing as I travelled with my two kiddos solo on a plane today. It went smoothly except for the rude lady that wouldn't give up her window seat, resulting in my son's 5 minute temper tantrum.  So if my shirt looks a bit wrinkled, and you spy baby food on my white blazer, don't judge! I made it out of the house with luggage for 3 people for 5 days by 7:20, through security at the airport, on a 1 1/2 hour plane ride with BOTH kids, and ended happily and Grammy and Papa's. With that said, I think I look pretty darn good! ;)

I've always loved flying, I think I'm a bit old school in the sense that I like to look nice while travelling. I know, it doesn't make sense logically, just be comfy, right? But I think I view flying as a privilege, so I like to dress as if it's a treat! I've passed on the love of flying to my son. He gets soo excited when we get to fly! my outfit! The "blazer" is from Marshall's from a LONG time ago. So glad I bought it! A good fitting jacket is key! Now that I realize how much I do use it, I may invest in a super nice, excellent fitting white jacket at some point. This one is starting to age a bit, but it's working for now!

The blouse is from Old Navy (remember my post about "buying" right after I said I wasn't going to anymore? I didn't buy...I had merchandise credit...and how could I pass this cutie up, right? $6 and I love it!). Try clothes on people, just like in What Not to Wear. This blouse is kinda...well...blousy. Usually I like things to be a bit more form fitting. But after trying things on and seeing how things fit on my body, I've realized that you can wear things that are blousy, and still "show off" your cute figure.

The jeans were from a previous post, from Marshall's as well, and the shoes are from Ross.

Last minute "tip"...take it or leave it. Try looking nice or dressing up when you fly. I think people are nicer to you because of it. Maybe you look more professional or approachable or something. But, other than the the afformentioned lady above, I had 3 other helpful citizens assist me along the way. Yay for the goodness of folks!

Until tomorrow...

p.s. - since I'm away from my home compy, these posts may look different. But I'm still gonna try and post! Wanna keep up the outfit posts. =)

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