Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wearing my clothes - Day #17

I'm trying to post this quick before I need to head out for my flight. I took the obligatory "stand in front of the camera for my outfit" picture, and liked these much better! =) It's beautiful in LA today, so we headed down to our traditional HB Sugar Shack breakfast and enjoyed time on the beach. We enjoyed the waves a little too much and my son got his pants soaked. It was so much fun!

Anywho, this shirt is from Ross I believe. It was super cheap and I almost didn't buy it. I'm so glad I did, though, I've worn it a ton! It's an Old Navy white tank underneath. And the shorts are from Ross as well. Again, almost didn't buy them, I was worried they were too tight. But they're so comfortable! I'm obviously barefoot here, but had good 'ol Old Navy flip flops on. I also had my nifty white blazer to keep me warm in the beachy breeze, but didn't really end up needing it! I may add to this post later, but for now...toodle-oo!

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