Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #6

Day 6

I’m discovering that this process is educational. So these pants are Old Navy from QUITE awhile ago. I’m glad I still have them, but they are pretty large on me, and they’re my ONLY pair of black pants. So…note to self:


The shirt is also Old Navy, from awhile back. The jacket was a steal at H&M a few Christmas’ ago. And the shoes are from DSW.

I put sort of a lame-o candid pic my husband took to show my hair a little closer up. Another realization throughout this “taking pictures of what I’m wearing each day” process is that I pretty much wear my hair down EVERY SINGLE DAY! Which is fine, but why not try to mix it up a bit? I found this braided headband tutorial on Pinterest and gave it a go! Practice will make perfect…and I’m far from there, but a nod to Princess Leah, ya think? Even my son told me I looked like a Prince…I said, “You mean Princess?”

“Yes, mom”. =) Happy heart!

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