Monday, February 20, 2012

Wearing my clothes - Day #14

Yay! I suckered my dad into snapping a shot before heading out to meet an old friend at the park. Cooper wanted to be in it again. So precious! The sweater is Old Navy. The shirt is from TJMaxx. I ALMOST didn't buy it. It sort of puckered funny below the bust. But my awesome mom said, "I think we can just add a quick stitch and it'll stay put. Ta-dah! It did. I think it was only $10 or $12. Pretty fun shirt for that! Pants...same 'ol, same 'ol....I.N.C. and shoes, Target. =) Hasta manana!

p.s. - I wish I'd zoomed in on my earrings. I think the were also from Target. Kind of a moroccan feel. Love' em! I'm not good with jewelry, so when I get a good "match" with my outfit, I love it!

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