Friday, February 24, 2012

Bathroom Organization – Medicine Cabinet


Noticing a theme here? Yup…organization!

I’m not sure what finally got into me, but I think I’ve mastered what works for me, and I’m on a roll at organizing and KEEPING it that way. So, I’m attacking one problem area at a time. I actually started with my bathroom, but posted about my closet here first.

I think part of it was all the fun blog pictures I’d seen about making bathroom organization pretty. So, I tackled my medicine cabinet first. We really only kept medicine in it previously. So, I took everything out, wiped the shelves down, and actually took them out as well. Did you, too, stick with whatever shelf configuration was there when you moved in?! What was I thinking? Personalize it ya’ll!

BOTTOM SHELF…IMG_0695 holds Tylenol, Motrin, and Aleve, and my retainers and the toothbrush I use to clean them. TMI, I know, but I think part of what has helped me have been all the details I’ve read elsewhere, so watch out, they’re comin’! =)

I decided I wanted the medicine cabinet to house things I actually use somewhat regularly and/or want quick access to. Unfortunately, my running and constant headaches from screaming children demands aleve and the like quite often. And I didn’t get braces twice just to let my teeth get out of whack all over again, hence the retainers! And if you look at the far right of the bottom shelf, there’s a magnet with nail clippers and my hair clip I use while blow drying my hair in the morning.

MIDDLE SHELF…IMG_0694 has volumizing mousse, a shine paste to tame the wild and crazy baby hairs, hair spray, lotion with SPF, and contact solution.

TOP SHELF…IMG_0693 No!! Not vodka…although…

KIDDING people, kidding! ;) See for yourself, cold medicine, thermometer, throat lozenges, and our toothbrush charger. (oh, and tucked in between is campho-phenique. You know how the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding uses Windex as a cure-all? Campho-phenique is my Father-in-law’s cure all. And it does work for cold sores, let me tell you!)

And the pretty in the back is simply scrapbook paper covered in packing tape. My mom bought me a home laminator from Costco for Christmas, and she asked me why I didn’t use it for this. I explained that it doesn’t do 12x12 (which happened to fit perfectly), and packing tape is hecka cheaper! And works just as well (sometimes better!)

Oh! And one of the best parts?! I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, and finally purchased the magnets (for a different project actually) to go ahead and finally do it! IMG_0697 See on the inside of the door? *squeal* Here’s a closer look…IMG_0698Not the clearest picture, but you get the idea. Our tweezers and two nail scissors. My husband and I joke say that we’re gonna be hairy beasts if we ever lose the tweezers on the left. They’re the best and we can’t find any that work as well.

Well…there you have it! My organized medicine cabinet. So far, it’s stayed organized! Hooray! Next up, under the sink, check out that post here.

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  1. the magnets are a great idea! and I love the baskets. My medicine cabinet is really small because it's two small cabinets on either side of the mirror, meaning I have to be soooo picky about what goes in there. I think putting some colored paper in would make it more cheerful too. thanks for sharing! (My mom in law is Greek and is FULL of those 'cure all' ideas haha!)


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