Friday, February 24, 2012

Bathroom Organization – Under the Sinks

The bathroom organization began with the simple medicine cabinet. Check that out here.

IMG_0708The picture above is under my husband’s sink. Here’s the explanation of what’s inside…

The basket on the far right contains “extras”. Extra deodorant, toothpaste, soap, razors, etc. I tried snapping a pic, but it was too dark! The small white container to its left is Ryan’s travel size items.

In front of the beige basket is this…IMG_0711 …which my husband mocked to no end! I told him, hey, you have no excuse now. Everything has a home, so put it there! ;)IMG_0709

On the far left is the following…(pictured above)

  • Lint rollers (‘cuz we have a white dog, and wearing black is quite the challenge!)
  • Men’s grooming kit – the black bag (which I use to touch up my son’s hair in between haircuts, and my husband uses weekly for his own hair)
  • An otoscope (or ear scope – layman’s term) The hubs is a doctor, and it’s great to have at home for those iffy situations with kids’ ears.
  • Vitamins, prescriptions & medical – anything that didn’t fit a “category” under my sink went in here
  • Towels – I roll them up in the green basket

Now, under my sink…IMG_0712 On the far right I have a set of curlers. I strongly considered getting rid of them, however, the few times I’ve used them, I absolutely LOVE how my hair looks. So, I keep ‘em for special occasions. =) The lovely bag on top is everything hair related. Headbands, rubber bands, barrettes, etc. I don’t have much, so it works. The striped Victoria Secret bag in the back hides some lady essentials. =) Random bag, but it fits perfectly! hehe A little leave-in conditioner for those summer pool days and extra mousse sit in the front there.IMG_0713 A slightly closer look here we have…

  • Tummy care – includes Tums, Pepto, Anti-diarrhea, along those lines
  • Eyes/mouth care – Travel-sized contact solution, extra toothbrushes and floss, etc.
  • Travel – my travel sized stuff
  • Nail care – anything manicure-ish =)
  • First aid – Gauze, band-aids, ace bandage, ben gay, etc.
  • Earrings – the tackle box on the left is all my earrings (I have a hanging one in my closet for bracelets and necklaces)
  • Extra make-up – The silver bag above the nail care holds any extra make-up I have. I really don’t play around with make-up, I don’t have that kind of time! But occasionally I enjoy a different color. So, this holds my stash.
  • There’s a basket above tummy care that has extra lotions and hand soap. I think I’ll find a different home for this after organizing other areas in my house, but for now, here it is.IMG_0714Not super purdy, but it’s doing the trick in the organization department! And finally…the drawers…come check them out here! They ARE purdy! =)

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