Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Results of Closet Clean-Out

I just cleaned out my closet (see post here) and was sort of overwhelmed by the quantity of clothes in there. So…here’s my goal. I want to wear EVERYTHING in my closet at least once before I consider buying something new. Due to season, I may not quite get everything, but I want to attempt. And I’m the type of person that follows through better with accountability (that sounds lame typing it out, who wouldn’t right?), and my blog sometimes does that for me. So, I’m going to attempt to take a picture of myself each day showing my outfit for the day. Curious to make bets on how long it’ll take me? My husband said MAYBE a month. I think it’ll be longer. What do you think?

So..here’s day #1:Day 1Now that I look at it…talk about making the most of your clothes! I’m pretty sure this sweater is from the beginning of college (which I’m not sure I’m ready to admit how long ago that was). Wet Seal I think? The jeans are fairly recent from Ross, they’re Levi brand. And the shoes are DSW.

Note to self: Take picture at the BEGINNING of the day so I don’t look quite so worn out. =)  

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