Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #3

Day 3

I know it’s only 3 days in…but so far so good! So, the outfit above is from Marshall’s. The shoes are from Ross.

Interesting tidbit that I never would’ve guessed. Apparently I wear petite jeans. What?! My mother-in-law has been so sweet the last 2 years for my birthday, she’s taken me to Macy’s to try on as many pair of jeans as needed in order to find a fabulous fitting pair! (My hubby doesn’t mind the outcome of this 2-year tradition!) This past year, I was frustrated with having to hem almost every pair of pants I bought, and the lady helping us at Macy’s said, “Well sweetie, you’re a petite.”

My response was, “But I’m 5’7” Well, apparently I am average height, but I have a super long torso (and therefore, short legs =( I guess this explains my delight in high heels!). Who would’ve guessed? But man has that made my life easier! So, you guessed it…these jeans are petite. 

Life lesson? Know your body. It will help you shop so much faster! AND…you’ll look that much better to boot. You won’t waste money buying something that…sort of fits…you know what I’m talking about! We’ve ALL done it! Everyone has been so nice lately telling me how well I’ve “popped back” from having a baby. Shh! Don’t tell anyone my secret…I just know how to dress my body (and good genes I think!) =)

Happy shopping!

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