Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wearing my clothes - Day #15

So...I took a picture sitting down, because my mom and son were SUPER sweet and brought me these gorgeous flowers they cut from my mom's backyard. Cooper was so excited to bring me flowers. =) Ahhh. So, I'm sitting next to the vase they brought me.

My shirt is from Kohl's, but I should've snapped a pic standing up, too. It has a row of turquoise circles along the bottom, hence the turquoise ring and necklace, also from Kohl's. The pants are Guess and the shoes are from DSW. So comfortable, I love 'em! Oh, and the sweater is so old, I have no idea where I got it from, Ross perhaps? Again, I'm learning a lot about my wardrobe, and I'm thinking a new black sweater will be a good addition when I get to that point. This one is a bit faded. =) Stay tuned for more...


  1. Hi -- I dress a lot like you, except probably more capris and shorts (hot here) but was just wondering ... any skirts? Recently I've tried to wear a skirt for variety once during the week (I was only wearing them on weekends) and it is SO comfortable, the next day I wonder why I'm shoving myself back in jeans? Just an idea ... R in SL

    1. Funny that you mention that! When I cleaned out my closet, I actually got rid of quite a few skirts. I was a teacher prior to staying at home and I had to wear skirts, so I had a lot. I like wearing them, but not at this stage in life where I'm climbing at parks and sitting on the floor to change diapers. Someday again. =) Where are you that it's that warm? Fabulous!


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