Friday, February 17, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #11

Day 11

I had to go with the self-timer today. My husband left for Honduras for a medical missions trip, and it was a bit of a hectic morning. This is one of my favorite splurge sweaters! Anthropologie! I saw it in the catalogue and almost HAD to have it. It’s SO me! The undershirt is from Target. The jeans are Levi again, not my fave, but they’ll work. And the shoes I got at Ross…Rocket Dog. So comfy! I wanted to do cute hair again today, but did you hear me mention that it was a hectic morning? Yeah – I didn’t get to do anything but let it dry this morning. Hey, at least I got a shower. Yippee!

After I did the whole “self-timer” bit, I looked over the pictures and I had fake smile in most of them. =( I really do put on a better smile for the hubby. We’ll see how they turn out while he’s away. I threw a little sass in for this one. That’s what he’s always telling me to do when I attempt to strike a pose. hehe Miss him already and it hasn’t even been 12 hours. That’s a successful marriage!

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