Saturday, February 11, 2012

Books, books, and more books!

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#1. Rain Gutter Bookshelves
#2. We Give Books
I never dreamed my household would be so obsessed with children’s books, but I’m thrilled we are! I’m sort of addicted to buying them for my son. I keep trying to lighten the book load, so to speak, but when I look through our “library”, he really does read almost all of them! So, we just enjoy housing them.
I also figured I’d make art out of them and took a stab at the interweb-famous rain gutter bookshelves. I think I used this tutorial, but I sort of winged it anyway, because the rain gutters I got didn’t have the same sort of brackets. We just screwed the actual gutter itself directly into the wall. Here’s how mine turned out!Dec. 2011 145 Oh yeah, I painted them red to give the wall some color without having to paint. My son’s room is sock monkey themed. =) And here’s Cooper enjoying the book display!Dec. 2011 153 So far they’re holding up. I was a little worried about little hands pulling them down. But they’re still in great condition over 2 months later.
We Give Books
My next new and exciting find is We Give Books! I just discovered it on Pinterest (I FINALLY caved and joined) and it’s AWESOME! Basically, it has a catalogue of 167 books (and growing) available for you to read online. For each book you read, the foundation donates a book to an ongoing campaign. What could be more awesome than reading with your child AND teaching them about needs in other parts of the world?
They even have a book in their library called Hope for Haiti. I’m looking forward to reading it with my son to attempt to further explain his dad’s trip to Haiti a little over a year ago. You can add books to your own library so you can read them over and over, with a book donation EACH time you read it! How cool is that? So what are you waiting for, hop on over and check it out!
Just added to our library are titles such as:

Seriously…aren’t you soo excited? =)

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