Monday, February 27, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #21 (a dose of reality)

Day 21

I honestly don’t even remember where I got this shirt. It’s old! The jacket is from Sam’s Club, pants are Guess, and the shoes are Fioni, Payless. Just plain ol’ patent black heels that I certainly did not pick out because they cover my toes, and they desperately need painting!

So..the dose of reality? Today was…not the most fun. Just random, tiny obnoxious road blocks to my day, nothing huge! So, I was trying really hard to turn my attitude around when this happened…2012-02-27_16-36-11_990REALITY…You’ve got to be prepared to get stuff on your clothes when you’re a mom to young kids.

Poor little Allie got a tiny piece of pretzel stuck at the back of her throat, not choking, just couldn’t move it. She threw up all over. I’d rather have it on me than on my carpet! It’s all over her…me…but that was it!

I love her expression, like, “What mom?” =)

Live it up mommies! Throw up and all.

p.s. – I spared you all the close up pic that I showed to my husband during dinner. hehe He’s a doctor, he can handle it!

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