Friday, February 10, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #4

Day 4


So, my goal in posting these is to not purchase anything new until I’ve worn everything in my closet. BUT…my bestie MAY have given me some Old Navy cash, and I MAY have already had $30 worth of merchandise credit there to boot! So technically I didn’t spend money. hehe

My pants are from Old Navy - $13! The shirt is as well, $7, and the sweater is also from Old Navy, but purchased last year (yeah, so I wore the sweater 2 days ago, but with a different undershirt…shh!) And the heels, sorry…you can barely see them, were from Payless a few years ago. I know, I’m weird. A mom that occasionally wears heels to the park. 

I had to wear a touch of red seeing as we celebrated Valentine’s at my son’s preschool today. Glee!

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