Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #12 (and a quick trick of the trade)

Day 12
Another positive take on this whole…wear everything in my closet before I buy/re-wear anything…taking these pics are really helping me to know what I like and do not like in my closet. This right here, while not bad, is proof that I should not impulse buy in the clearance section. This top is Old Navy. It was only $6. I thought
“Cute, fall-ish, fun color, buy!”
Meh. The sleeves are a little funky for me. But, I do like the color. Anywho…the necklace is also Old Navy, fun! The pants are *gasp* junior brand Angels from Ross. This brand for some reason tends to fit me well. These were my first (and only come to think of it) skinny jean. I don’t know if I’m sold on the skinny jean. I think it’s just the slight self conscious tendency. I’m not fat, I know that (right?), but I’m far from those cute little twig characters that can REALLY pull off the skinny jean look.
Two more things before I share my trick of the trade. =) The boots are target, Merona brand I believe. I’ve had them for YEARS. Love the fit though (although, now that I look at the pics, the toe is a little witch-ish – see photo below since shoes were cut off in the pic above)Day 12 - #2 And…duh-duh-duh-DUH!! I tried another new hairstyle from Pinterest. This one wasn’t quite as successful, but again, I didn’t have much time to futz with it. I will certainly try again. I have issues with bobby pins holding my hair? Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions? I have thin hair, that’s my major issue.

Trick of the Trade #21: Spill-proof coffe mug!
Notice I have a to-go coffee mug in hand. I swear I’m a walking saleswoman for this brand. It’s Contigo. And now that I just looked them up online, I can’t believe what a steal they are at Costco! I think I have like 6 of them? If I recall correctly, I got 2 for $20 at Costco. Seriously, with little toddlers, you will not regret purchasing this. If you don’t know about them, they have a push button mechanism that you push to drink. So you can throw that cup around any which way you want, and nothin’ is gonna spill until that little button is pushed for you to drink. Here’s proof:

Isn’t she hilarious?! Anyway, I swear by them. I know some of you are sold on the glorious idea of sitting down to a steaming cup of joe, but that’s just not gonna happen for me. This way, it STAYS hot for quite awhile, and I know I’m not gonna have to be bitter at either

A: Cleaning up a spill or
I don’t know which would be worse. =) They also have water bottles, and just added some that have straws too, perfect for my now drinking daughter! I believe they make kids ones, too, which will be great sometime soon here.
Here’s a link to one at Target that is similar to the one I have. They’re currently out of stock, but they have other similar ones. Happy coffee drinking! =)


  1. Ya know, if the sleeve is the only thing you dont like, I bet it woukd help if you took the elastic iut of the bottom of the sleeve. I have a shirt with sleeves like that, and the elastic broke on the bottom of one....gave it a completely different look (granted its a 3/4 sleeve but still). I for one think it looks cute on you :-)

  2. GREAT idea, Sheryl! I'm getting familiar with my sewing machine now and probably could. Thanks!


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