Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wearing my clothes – Day #22

Day 22

I’m wondering how much my mood affects whether or not I like an outfit. But I’m likin’ this one today! Cute & comfy! It might be the fact that my husband and I woke up to work out for like the first time in forever this morning. You know, put me in a skinny feeling kind of mood? ;) Anywho…

Pants are Levi – I’m pretty sure I got them at Costco. So comfortable! The shirt was from Ross or Marshall’s, I love(d) both the color and the keyhole in the back. Fun! And I’ve mentioned the jacket before.

The shoes – so ghetto but comfy and kind of casual looking. And if you look really closely, I’m wearing silver hoop earrings. They’re from Premier Jewelry. I love them! Glad many of you are enjoying my outfit updates. I’m pretty sure I’ll blow past the month mark my husband thought it might take. We’ll see. I think it will also help me cut a few more clothes out of my closet. Again, we’ll see though! Stay tuned. =)

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