Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day

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1. Valentine’s Dinner – Parmesan Chicken

2. Valentine’s Breakfast – Pancakes and Heart Milk Cubes

3. Valentine Play Date

4. Valentine Dinner #2 – Heart Shaped Meatloaf

My son has been soo looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year. I was telling my husband, other than Christmas, I think this is the first holiday he’s actually been truly excited about, AND understands why we celebrate it.

We started the night before, because I found a heart-shaped chicken parmesan  recipe on Pinterest. Hers is WAY cuter than mine, but I was still happy with the outcome. (Sorry, I’m not good at photographing food. So it’s not the most appetizing, but here it is nonetheless)IMG_0776 And the little baby tomato hearts are adorable too. Just cut them in half at an angle, flip one half and stick ‘em back together. Here’s my son’s plate:IMG_0783AND…he ate all the baby tomatoes. He does tend to like them, but I’m pretty sure the heart shape provided an extra draw this meal.IMG_0786  My daughter enjoyed the spaghetti as well!IMG_0790 ______________________________________

The next morning we had heart-shaped pancakes and pink heart milk cubes in our milk! Another Pinterest find. I didn’t get a picture of it in the glass of milk, but soo fun! And bonus! It keeps the milk extra cold without diluting it. Yum! Here’s the sleepy head excited about his V-day breakfast.IMG_0797 And here he is opening his Valentine’s gift. A Jeff Foxworthy book (that I purchased when Borders was going out of business for a few bucks…sad face), a glow in the dark bee mask I purchased at Dollar Tree, and Kermit the frog PJ’s on clearance at Target. He was in heaven!IMG_0798 It was fun to have breakfast with daddy. Often times he’s gone before we eat. So it was extra special. IMG_0799 ________________________________________

THEN…we hosted a Valentine’s play date. It was “low-key”. But, as my mom pointed out, I don’t do anything low-key. I didn’t do anything that took much effort (not that I don’t love ya all girlfriends!). I cut some pb&j’s using cookie cutters, IMG_0810 put out some candy we’d received from friends, IMG_0808 and made chicken salad sandwiches for the ladies. IMG_0812 I’ll do a post with the recipe here. We just played and exchanged Valentine’s. It was fantastic! I did try and have some decorations up. =)IMG_0813 Here are my 2 sweethearts playing…IMG_0816IMG_0817___________________________________

And FINALLY….Valentine’s dinner. Heart shaped meatloaf and mashed potatoes. (simply used a cookie cutter!)  IMG_0818 Happy Valentine’s!

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