Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zoo Month

June is National Zoo Month, so today for our Cool Summer Days, Cooper and I headed to the local Folsom Zoo. It’s only $4 for adults and children under 2 are free, can’t beat that for the variety of animals this zoo provides (except for when they half price days!). I can’t even count the number of times the word “tiger” came out of his mouth after pulling his “surprise” for the day out of the calendar.

We started our fun by attending the story time  at the Folsom Library which is virtually in the same parking lot as the zoo. We even checked out a book called “The Great Escape from City Zoo” by Tohby Riddle.

WARNING: *UNRELATED CONTENT* I have a confession, I often times have what my husband refers to as verbal diarrhea, flattering, huh? But, I have to note this! I have to laugh as I provide you a hyperlink for this book. My little guy has developed this habit where after we check out a book from the library, he will be asking for it for weeks after we have already had to return it. One book this happened with was I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me by Jonathan London. It’s a special book in our household, so I looked it up to purchase it on Amazon only to discover that it’s out of print and a copy costs nearly $100 dollars!! What?! Oh wait….I see….as I’m searching, there’s a used copy for $3. A used copy seems perfectly suitable for me. So, we’ve done this on a number of occasions, perhaps with this newest book about that zoo, we’ll see! *END OF UNRELATED CONTENT*

We then headed over to the zoo where we, of course, saw the tigers along with a myriad of many other animals, including the peacock which also happened to be one of his favorites.


IMG_1542    We even stopped and had a little picnic.










We ended our fun day with Cooper’s first ride on the Folsom Zoo Train. The conductor was an absolute doll who taught photography for 9 years and showed me how to work my camera. Here’s the picture he took of Cooper and I:


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