Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cool Summer Days – How To

IMG_1405 I hosted a craft night with a bunch of outrageously fun ladies, and figured I’d provide you with all the cool “add-ons” to the Cool Summer Days calendar I “doctored” up for them. Yes, I am a fan of air quotes, let’s just put that out there. Moving right along.

We were all deciding that it would be fun to have a Craft Club, similar to a Book Club, but someone would host doing a craft each month. I tried to put the ball into someone else’s hand, but we’ll see if any of them decide to take on the next one.

Us girlies hard at work:

IMG_1412 IMG_1414 IMG_1420 Craft Night

I provided each girl with a folder containing the following which should provide you with almost everything to complete the calendar if you so desire (sorry if you don’t have Publisher – it’s just the easiest way!):

  • Cool Summer Days – Blank Calendars and Paper Inserts: This includes blank calendars for June, July & August that I used as a master calendar for me to keep so I ccould look at the month at a glance, not have to pull the paper for each day to remind myself what we’re doing. It also has the template for the size paper to fold and put in the ice cream cone slots.
  • Cool Summer Days Outlines: These were the “stencils” if you will to trace onto the iron-on sheets. *NOTE* – I did not make the squiggly lines on the ice cream scoops. I just drew a straight line. And yes, the words are backwards, so that when you iron them on, they are correct.
  • Folder Title: This is the cute little label on the front of the folder, and tabs to go on the side of the folder to store in a file cabinet with all the ideas.
  • Summer Monthly Celebrations: Here’s a list of all the crazy holidays I found to potentially help fill your summer days with fun activities.
  • Alphabet Inserts: My neighbor had this fantastic idea to put a letter in each day to focus on. These were inspired by her. You could do colors, numbers, states….so my options! Fun idea. Thanks Alissa.

I cut the background fabric to be about 28”x30”, then all the stencils should fit perfectly! Happy crafting! And remember, you don’t have to be neat or perfect about it. We certainly weren’t. ;)






  1. So much fun! And yes I am brainstorming dome ideas for a fun craft night! I think I've got one! How do you add your blog name onto photos? Would love this!! :)

  2. Love it! Your ideas are great. I wish I lived closer so I could join the craft club. :) The labeled file folders says "teacher" - you are just a natural. Thanks for posting the files. I will have to make a cool summer calendar next summer for Annika. I will label my file folder and know right where to find it next year :).


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