Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday

Today, for Cool Summer Days, we celebrated Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday. I owe this nugget of knowledge to my friend, Kelly Jolly, an architect by trade. And to you, Kelly, I apologize for not doing Frank justice with this short tidbit. But alas, many of you are not nerdy history buffs, so instead, look at this knowledge as helping you to become less ignorant with the world around you. ;) I think secretly, that's why I enjoy learning so! Anyhow, moving on the topic at hand... 
To get a perspective on Wright's long and productive life, it is useful to remember that he was born in 1867, just two years after the end of the Civil War and died in 1959, two years after the launching of the first satellite Sputnik. Once again, I am in awe at the span one person has the privilege of observing. Makes me wonder what will be so drastically different from time time of my birth to my death. 

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered by most authorities to be the 20th century's greatest architect, and is well-known for incorporating nature and the environment into his designs. I'm sure you would recognize at least one of his 532 completed buildings. I chose two pictures to include, the first because I lived in Oak Park and had the pleasure of viewing this many a time....and the second, because it is simply beautiful, and it is to me, the image I recount each time I hear the name Frank Lloyd Wright:

So, onto our miniature celebration. In honor of this architect's birthday, Cooper and I went to buy some more Duplo Legos, you know, to encourage his architect nature and all. He did, however, choose Disney's "Cars" Legos...not so much helping out in the building and design department, but...whatcha gonna do? 

So excited to have yet another Mater to play with!

We still created our own design of Mater's Tow Yard. Cooper had a blast and was quite proud of our final creation:

Cheers to creating teaching moments out of everyday activities. =)

Okay, and just for fun, I have to squeeze in pics of the other random, fun activity we got to do today! You "Folsomites", if you haven't checked out the zoo-supported story time at Karen's Bakery in Old Town yet, you need to, ESPECIALLY if you have an animal lover (or if you yourself happen to love excellent coffee and/or mouth watering pastries). It's the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30. They read a few stories, then highlight an animal from the zoo. Today was a skink! Cooper was not shy and particularly loved the skink's tongue and kept sticking out his own and pointing to it to be sure I saw that the skink had a wicked awesome tongue. 

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  1. I love how proud he is of Mater's tow yard :)


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