Sunday, June 13, 2010

National Clay Week

We played with play dough today. Pretty much I'm too cheap to buy "clay". I actually made play dough for the first time a few weeks ago. Here's the recipe I used, but there are a gazillion on the web. This one so far seems to be working out well. So easy and SO entertaining! Cooper will play with play dough for significant chunk of time. Even Daddy rather enjoys joining in on the festivities when it's play dough time.
Today, since it was the "surprise" for the day, we gathered all sorts of supplies to make indentations in the play dough. Cooper's not quite old enough to do cookie cutters and the like yet, but we wanted to make it a bit more fun than usual play dough time. You can see the variety of items we grabbed from around the house in the picture below. I have to admit, playing with play dough brings out the kid and creativity in me. Check out the "golf course" I designed below. ha!
And here's a funny face Cooper and I made. This was stretching me out of my comfort zone...I must admit...I was worried the green and blue play dough were going to mix! So far so good. ;) Happy Clay Week everyone.

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