Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day

Once again, flexibility is key when it comes to parenting. My thought was to have Cooper color (well, scribble) on a picture of the American flag so he could at least learn the colors. Yeah, he didn't really show any interest in that, so we improvised and bought a 99-cent flag at Michael's while out running errands. Boy did Cooper's patriotism kick in then! He was rather ecstatic to be the proud owner of his very own flag. I like how it looks like he's looking up singing the National Anthem in this picture.
A few questions did arise, however. You know how we are supposed to treat the flag with honor and respect? Well, what category does playing peek-a-boo with the flag fall into? I mean, he's excited about the flag, right? Hmmm.....
 Also, should I consider it die hard patriotism that Cooper chooses to share his first use of the word "MINE" around Daddy by trying to rip the flag out of his hands and scream said word. Ha! Love the face, can you tell he's screaming "MINE!"?
Happy Flag Day. =)

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  1. What a cutie!! Flexibility is the key, isn't it?! Hey, I was running errands and stopped by Michaels today too! Happy Flag Day! :)


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