Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today was a fun, big surprise for Cooper! Well, not a complete surprise, because we've been talking about how we were going to ride an airplane to go see Grammy & Papa! But the day has finally arrived! I was, once again, reminded that the best laid plans can still prove to be somewhat useless. I had packed a small suitcase with snacks and toys galore to help fill our time when we got to the airport, which would have been incredibly useful, if we hadn't had to wait in line to check our luggage for 40 minutes. Cooper was such a little trooper though and listened well staying right by me as I tried to move two suitcases and the car seat each time the line moved forward. It was quite comical. We THANKFULLY made our flight, but I had no time to retrieve many toys or use half of the goodies I had packed. Oh well, perhaps on our return flight. Cooper still had an absolute blast, and we're thrilled to be spending time with Grammy & Papa.

We also had one other snafu....we arrived at the grandparent's house to put Cooper down for a nap. Seriously, within 15 seconds, he'd climbed right out of his pack-n-play. We knew we needed a solution come bedtime. So, we blew right through nap time (thank you Buster from Arrested Development), and headed to Walmart to figure out a bedding solution. We got a "big boy bed" - a crib that converts, still hoping he wouldn't climb out of this one. Ha! Just as quickly, only even scarier seeing as it's taller than the pack-n-play, he climbed out. So, back to the toddler bed. Flexibility my friends, flexibility! He's adjusting pretty well. Cheers to having multiple adults to help fight the grumpies!

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