Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flying a Kite....and reaching for the impossible (Love life's little lessons!)

Who knew flying a kite could be so therapeutic? I had a BLAST with Cooper this morning. The weather was absolutely perfect! I bought an elephant kite from Costco a few months ago and we've used it once with Daddy and Cooper was, shall we say, less than thrilled? But, I saw "Fly a Kite" day on the calendar and figured we'd give it another go. He was much more interested this time. I was nervous about trying it by myself, but it seemed to work out just fine.

We also had an opportunity to learn about shadows. We were trying to chase them....awww, brings back memories of good 'ol Peter Pan! 

And then I had a learning moment. We, almost inevitably, ended up on the basketball court, only this time I remembered to bring the basketball. I'm trying to figure out how to attach a video to help illustrate my "learning moment". Essentially, Cooper was trying to make a shot with the gigantic basketball, at the regular sized basketball hoop. He would stand underneath the hoop, look up, and would throw the ball "up" in the air. He really, truly seems to think he has the potential to get the ball up there. I had an "aha" moment realizing that kids really do think they can achieve the impossible. Man if I could have that outlook on life. Then I also realized the importance of realizing our limitations....but it's a balance, right? Realizing our limitations, but then aiming for, well, above our best! Because the higher we aim, the more we'll achieve. So, in closing, my hope is that we can be like those little kids, shooting hoops from way down below. Aim high, and go shoot some hoops in your own life....but remember not to be disappointed when/if you do not reach the hoop!! It's all in the trying, someday we'll make the basket.

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