Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Father's Day Gift...

Today, Cooper's "surprise" for his Cool Summer Days calendar was going shopping for items to create a Father's Day gift. I sort of went all out setting the table for Mother's Day this year (I know, I know...I'm a mother too, but I had both my mom and my mother-in-law over for lunch, so I had to make them feel special! And to be quite honest, my mom actually helped quite a bit, so...there's that). Anywho...back to the Father's Day gift, I knew I had to make it special as well. I found the following Father's Day craft online, and set out to it:

It's a happy family!

We began at Wal-mart, oh much to see! We picked up the Altoid tins and spray paint. 
Then, we headed to Lowe's to look for the metal eye strap and screws. Alas...they had no such thing! So, we continued on to Home Depot. Likewise, so, we shall continue the hunt tomorrow. We headed home to at least get started on our project. Cooper watched through the sliding glass door as I spray painted the tins. He was very excited that we were
 making something related to tools.

I will post pictures of the finished project after we find the final components! 

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