Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Invention of Baseball......and bringing smiles to strangers.

Today, baseball is officially 171 years old! My dad, aka Papa, is a devout baseball/softball fan. I grew up with the privilege of attending many Angel's games with to die for seats! So naturally...we are attempting to pass on that love to Cooper (well more like I am trying, my husband, not so much a fan of the sport). But before we headed to the park for some baseball fun....

....we walked down to Starbuck's to start the morning off right! The Starbuck's near our house has a water fountain out front. Cooper LOVES it, in fact...he loves it so much that a few months ago, he fell INTO the fountain, exhibit A:
We've learned, however, and are more careful during our visits to the fountain. Just trying to provide you a few laughs with my "Rookie" moves as a mom, as promised. 

Moving on, while sitting, enjoying the fountain this morning, a father and his two sons walked past and one son asked, 

"Dad, can we make a wish in the fountain?" 
To which, Dad responded, "I don't have any change." 
The son began sulking...

While they were in Starbuck's I fished out some change. They came out (one son sort of stomped out, whining a bit) and sat a table outside. I handed Cooper the change and said,

"Can you take this over to the kids?"
We walked over together and said we had some change for them to go make a wish. Talk about brightening someone's day, both the kids AND the dad immediately perked up! They ran over to the fountain and made heartfelt 5 year old wishes. I'm a big fan of trying to help other people have a great day. I know I'm thankful to have a helping hand when I'm having "one of those days".
Here, you can see the two boys in the background.
And here's a happier moment at the fountain:
So, moving onto baseball.

We headed to the park with every intention to hit the baseball off his little tee and run around the field. Cooper had other ideas. He enjoys, shall we say, mixing sports? He mixed baseball, basketball, AND soccer. Upon arriving to the park, he wiggled out of my arms and sprinted towards the basketball court. We made shots with the baseball. But, we did however practice some throwing while on the court, and his kicking...all with the baseball I might add. We'll get there soon enough. In the meantime, flexibility is key to enjoying my adorable little man.

We look forward to celebrating the invention of baseball next year!

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