Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tasmanian Devil's Birthday...

I know, seems like a cop-out, right? We've got to throw some easy ones in there, or we'll get totally burned out! So, I searched out 2-3 clips of the old Taz cartoons. Boy howdy did it bring back some memories for Ryan and I! Man, I miss those good 'ol fashioned cartoons. Cooper loved it as well, look at the delight on his face:
He kept looking at his "surprise" paper (that he pulled from the calendar) and looking back at the computer screen noting that the same character was in both places. 
Later that day, he kept saying, "Taz, taz!" Which led to the first "official" bribe in our household. I'll post more about it in a related blog entry, but to sum it up, we had to get a picture of him holding a canvas and he did NOT want to do it!! So we taped the picture of Taz to the back and told him if he held the picture, we'd let him watch one more clip. So the slippery slope begins. Just teasing....but my husband did laugh in the moment. Happy Taz Day - can't wait to post fun Father's Day pics!

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